Monitoring Services Information & Release – Addendum To Contract

Cellular Based Solutions

I acknowledge and understand that the use of cellular based solutions for Personal Emergency Response Systems includes additional risks associated with the quality and reliability of cellular signals and service. Cellular communications are affected by a number of factors out side the control of Alert 911 / Connect, LLC and may be impaired or blocked by building construction style, building materials, atmospheric conditions (i.e. weather), distance from transmitter to receiver, surrounding terrain, battery life, signal strength, cellular network traffic, cellular tower condition and interference from other cellular devices. I also understand that cellular based solutions rely on third party services from wireless carriers such as AT&T, All-Tel, Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon that are not controlled by Alert 911 / Connect, LLC or its representatives.

I acknowledge that even if cellular solutions work well at the time of first test, activation or installation, I am responsible for monitoring signal strength, power and service quality on an on-going basis. Alert 911 / Connect, LLC is not responsible for maintaining or monitoring the networks used for communication and can only provide timely and accurate response if all equipment and networks are working correctly and providing adequate signal strength. Users of cellular based solutions should test their equipment on a regular basis to identify any deterioration of network service and signal strength. I also acknowledge and understand that there may be additional issues related to sending information from the Personal Emergency Response System (The Alert 911 System) to the monitoring center over cellular networks beyond what is mentioned here. I further understand that technology used for cellular communications can fail at any time and I release Alert 911 / Connect, LLC, it’s staff, employees, owners, shareholders, officers, contractors, representatives and vendors from any and all liability related to the transmission of emergency signals or communications over cellular networks.

GPS Location Technology And Services

I understand that the mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (The Alert 911 System) does not utilize the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide location data. I further acknowledge that there are risks involved in using cellular services beyond what is detailed herein. Furthermore, I release Alert 911 / Connect, LLC its staff, employees, owners, shareholders, officers, contractors, and vendors from any and all liability in regards to the transmission of an emergency signal, location information or communication over the cellular network.